Great Moments In Cinema History

Great cinema is a symphony, in which the writing and acting blend together harmoniously to create a masterpiece. And in this triumph of filmmaking, actor and artiste Nina Concepcion presents the great monologues from movie history. You haven’t seen Tremors til you’ve seen it performed by a serious actress.

Think Hill’s Shrill? You Better Watch This.

The vice-presidential debate brought up a lot of questions. Why does Trump have such a boner for Putin? Was Kaine on some type of roids? But most of all, it had us wondering why men so often really don’t like letting women talk.

Fortunately the brains behind Hurdy Blurdy created this primer to how to not sound too shrill/bossy/bitchy/wimpy for men. Hillary is a shoo-in for prez now!

We All Have ~Tiny Fantasies~

When the barista rolls their eyes at your order and you fantasize about slapping the cup out of their hands. When your ex-boyfriend slides into the DM’s and you fantasize about posting the screenshot. Ooh, when a dude catcalls you and you fantasize about screaming right in his stupid sexist face. All these tiny fantasies help us get through the day.

Which is why the series Tiny Fantasies from Maggie Monahan and Sydney Nikols is p much our favorite thing on the internet right now. It’s so funny and so, so, SO satisfying.

The Funniest Damn Tweets Of The Week

Ok so the world is 90% garbage. But sometimes to keep going you just gotta take a deep breath, laugh a loud laugh, and watch a corgi shaking its weird butt.

May these tweets make it all seem a little more tolerable, bbs.


On the one hand it’s mean to celebrate the end of a relationship, on the other hand THIS TWEET THO.


Pumpkin Spice Latte season is also Eat An Entire Medium Pizza Alone season.


— ? (@Sassafrantz) September 21, 2016



We’d buy the shit out of this on Etsy.


Turns out modern life is just one big cringe.


Congratulations are in order to Ms Pavlas for winning the internet.


Wow @kmay with the helpful advice.


What store is this, we need this item badly.



This has us crying. Cryyyiiiiing.


Omg someone please get this poor child 7 more hot dogs stat.


‘Oh don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here DYING IN THIS MALL’


No but US newspapers did enjoy talking about how calm the traffic was in Nazi Germany, so that’s not great.


Lol forever at dudes who think women are ‘catty’, honestly.


Ah yes, how fine it would be to be in Merrye Oldye Englandeeeee.


Stop. Read this joke again. It’s perfect.


Hell yeah little baby, you werk for the weekend!!!