Throw The Ultimate Impeachment Party!

Let’s be real – it’s only a matter of time. From his attacks on women’s rights, LGBTQ Americans, immigrants and undocumented folks, and pretty much everyone else, our president has proved that he’s dumb as a box of rocks and bigoted to boot. So we’re counting down the days until Donnie is out of office, and because we’re WhoHaha we’re doing it in style!

Take a tip from our resident DIY divas Alex Lynn Ward and Megan MacKay and start gathering supplies for your own impeachment bash.

Trump Yourself! A Donald Trump Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Megan MacKay teamed up with Cosmopolitan to talk about Donald Trump’s political career. Because everyone is still having some difficulty wrapping their minds around him running for president, right?

Side note – where can I get some “fat pig dog slob disgusting animal” tinted moisturizer? I want to make sure I look pretty when China steals my job.