This Week Had Us Like…

We’d like to introduce you to our new favorite talk show. Caroline Goldfarb (aka @OfficialSeanPenn) is the host of the brand new SuperDeluxe show ‘This Week Had Me Like’, which targets the week’s pop-culture bullsh that simply can not go unaddressed. And in this episode, she and guest Debby Ryan take on LiLo’s new lifestyle app, among other insane developments.

This Week’s Greatest Tweets

This week hit us harder than a Republican body slamming a journalist. Thank gosh it’s over, because we are about to fall headfirst in to this long weekend like –

But first, the tweets! And this week’s jokes from lady tweeters were especially hilarious. Get your funny fix, then go get your Friday night.




















Positive Vibes Aren’t Free

You know when your friend who is spiritual but not religious is like ‘awww sorry about your loss, sending you positive vibes’? Well they’re basically sending you a blank check and you should honestly be really super grateful. Hilarious sketch team Femmebot PhD shows us all what happens when you don’t send those pos vibes back. And they also use the c-word a lot, which is very thrilling and fun too. Reclaim those good vibes and genital slurs, ladies!