Wednesday Woman Crush: Abigail Breslin

Abigail Breslin has already had an insanely successful career AND SHE’S ONLY 20! She slayed the screen in Little Miss Sunshine, she made us weep all over the place in August Osage County, and she’s so perfect in Scream Queens. In tribute to this lil baddie, we put together a few clips of her being wonderful. Happy Wednesday!

A Teenage Genius. A Cartoon Alien. The Greatest Talent Show Ever.

Look, we want to tell you all about Leigh Lahav’s new animated short. But we can’t, because we’re dead of chronic cuteness overload.

This video is too damn precious, and we want a Jel of our very own. Also it’s not full of cuss words like our usual videos, so show it to all your teenage inventor nieces and tell them to be a little more Sabrina-y. In fact, let’s all try to be a little more Sabrina-y!

TBT: Gilda Radner Talks Dirty To The Animals

Gilda Radner was one of the weirdest, sweetest, most hilarious people ever to live. We dare you to find a comedian today who wasn’t inspired by watching her slay on SNL.

She also destroyed her live shows, like in this clip where she sings a straight-up filthy song about making friends with the animals.

Aubrey Plaza Got Anna Kendrick A Cheap Car By Being Terrifying

Two of our favorite women on the planet went car shopping, and it was as amazing as you would think. We cannot stop imagining Aubrey Plaza as a father figure now. Chillest dad ever.

Also ANNA KENDRICK WAS IN TWILIGHT??? In case anyone else totally forgot about that, here’s her in the movie flirting with a dude and shading Kristen Stewart. Bless.


Oh Sh*t, We Forgot About Jess Rona

It’s 10:30 on a Saturday. You’re home on the couch, enjoying some Netflix and chilled white wine. And then there it is on your Instagram, bold as anything. SOMEONE IS HAVING A PARTY WITHOUT YOU.

Jess Rona wrote just the perfect song for those times when you realize everyone’s having fun and you weren’t invited and your heart is broken. Also, the music video is g-dang adorable.