Hitting The Beach? Don’t Forget Your Male Romper!

Call it what you want: dude romper, romp-him, boy onesie. But male rompers are this summer’s big fashion hit. And as this adorable music video from Jane Johnsen demonstrates, they might also be the key to finding true love.

Think You’re Smarter Than A Smart Girl?

Think again, chump. The rad as hell Amy Poehler brought some adorable kids from her Smart Girls program on The Tonight Show, and they absolutely destroyed. This is the cutest thing ever and WE’RE NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

How About A Little Advice For Your Election Day?

Need a Cutie Break? Oh we should explain, a Cutie Break is when life is stressing you out so you take a couple of minutes to watch something cute. Well we have the world’s funniest Cutie Break courtesy of comedian Noelle Lara! Watch some very adorable children give their political opinions, while also giving us LIFE.

Samesies: The Cutest Lil Feminist Anthem Ever

Our personal feminism is all about smashing statues of bad old men and drinking meninist tears from crystal goblets while dancing to Kate Bush songs.

But feminism is for everyone! And everyone gets to define it for themselves. This anthem from Robbie The Space Raccoon and friends is all about how anyone who likes women can feminasty it up. Also it’s appropriate for all ages in case you have a 7 year old in your life who needs a summer jam.