What The Janitor Saw

You see a lot when you clean-up other people’s trash for a living. But there’s one thing that Bob The Janitor can’t seem to learn, and it’s driving him… insane. This brief documentary from writer Shannon Brown really captures the feeling of crying in the office bathroom, and for that we salute her.

Your New Favorite Fart-Themed Show

There are more and more shows on the internet and tv where women get to shine. But what about fart shows? Where oh where are the shows where farts are the stars, and farting in all its various forms is celebrated? Thank heavens for Madeline Wager, whose show Fart This is now available in interview and podcast forms.

Geography For Racists

How to describe how much we love Lilly Singh? She’s the funniest, the badassiest, and now it turns out that she’s a top notch educator too. In this epic burn filled four minutes, Superwoman utterly destroys dumb internet racists with a simple lesson in geography.