You Know What? Hug Yourself

Parents! They did their best. Taylor Tomlinson’s hilarious set covers all the multitudes of ways our parents fuck us up, as well as how super weird prayer is and what it feels like to skip a period when you’re an abstinent teen. We relate, girl.

Let’s Make Katherine Ryan The Bachelor

We can’t get enough of Katherine Ryan. The hilarious stand-up comic from the UK takes on everything from being an immigrant mother to flying first class to bewbz. Her Netflix special is amazing, and her recent set on Conan was just a little taste of how insanely funny she is.

TBT: Baby Amy Poehler Killing It On Conan

Is this one of the funniest things ever to happen on a talk show? YEAH NO DUH DUDE. Amy Poehler used to go on Conan in the 90’s to play Andy Richter’s littler sister, and it was pure manic magic.

Brb, making Amy screaming ‘playtime is over, beantown beanpole’ into our ringtones.

Aubrey Plaza Is A Magnificent Weirdo Because Of Irish Dance

Aubrey Plaza went on Conan last night, and gave us so much of everything we love about Aubrey in interviews. We’ve got heart eyes for her because she’s a chill lady who truly seems to not give a shit.

But in this clip, she takes us through her realization that her laid-back badass attitude might be all the fault of Riverdance. That’s right. Riverdance.