RIP The Meltdown (But Long Live Maria)

This week marked the last night of The Meltdown, a live LA standup comedy show that’s helped launch the careers of some of our favorite funny women. It’s a little sad, but we have no doubt that something else will rise up to take it’s place like a phoenix from the comedic ashes! In honor of The Meltdown – and one of our truly top women in comedy, Maria Bamford – we present a clip from the historic show in which the Bamf talks about how to make it in showbiz. Here’s to just showing up!

Goodbye Mel and Sue, We’ll Mousse You ?

Who woulda thunk, 5 years ago, that America would end up obsessed with a show about British pastry nerds making jelly rolls in a tent? The Great British Bake Off is the sweetest thing on Netflix (and we do NOT say that lightly), and Sue and Mel are its warm n gooey heart. They’re part of the great UK tradition of female comedy teams and they gave the show punny manic life. We’re gonna miss them so much, so we’re memorializing them with this mousse chase. Bye, sweet angels!

Nikki Glaser’s Goodbye(?) Gave Us The Laughs And The Feels

Not Safe with Nikki Glaser is a treasure of a show. But sadly this season has come to an end, and nobody – not even the Glaze – knows if the show is gonna get another one.

So Nikki used her monologue this week to give us a few parting words of wisdom. Things like ‘don’t call a vagina a front bottom’ and ‘talk about sex, because if we’re silent anyone can fill that void with their own personal hang-ups’. Oh, and ‘be careful with your Monistat caps’. Keeping our fingers crossed for more Nikki real soon!!