Throw The Ultimate Impeachment Party!

Let’s be real – it’s only a matter of time. From his attacks on women’s rights, LGBTQ Americans, immigrants and undocumented folks, and pretty much everyone else, our president has proved that he’s dumb as a box of rocks and bigoted to boot. So we’re counting down the days until Donnie is out of office, and because we’re WhoHaha we’re doing it in style!

Take a tip from our resident DIY divas Alex Lynn Ward and Megan MacKay and start gathering supplies for your own impeachment bash.

We’re In Love With The Comedy Jam

Formerly known as the Goddamn Comedy Jam (but don’t worry, they took the swears out) ((jk no they didn’t)), this Comedy Central series has everything we like in it. Comedians get paired up with rock stars, and take to the stage to belt out their fave hits. But in a funny way though! And the best possible episode to start with is this little tune from hilarious stand-up Fortune Feimster and super star Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. Boy byyyeeee!

Breaking! A President’s Day News Update

Don’t you kind of wish you could fire every politician and reporter and sexist person in the world and start again? Get ready for some serious wish fulfillment from the gang at Pure and Weary. President White Supremacist Orange? YA FIYAHED!

Finally, A Movie For Women (By Men)

Women! We’re always wearing crop tops and kissing our female friends and dating men with no discernible talent or personality. Oh that doesn’t describe you? You must not be a gal in a rom com written by men, then!

We’ve had it up to roughly here with these rude-ass Hollywood movies that portray women as naive idiots in bustiers and female friendship as a non-stop homoerotic cat fight. UP TO HERE. Which is why we can’t stop watching writer/director Laura Holliday’s version of a chick flick written by dudes. It’s hilarious and perfect and everything we love.

These Resolutions Will Really Speak To You

What’s your new years resolution? It is to be even more of a badass bish and to support even more women in comedy? OMG WHAT that’s ours too!!! But our friends over at Pure & Weary (aka Katherine Biskupic & Leah Frires) have a lot of resolutions that we also strongly agree with. Like eating more green peppers! And throwing more pregnancy tests in the air! It’s gonna be a great year.

It’s Time To Break Up With New Years Eve

Be honest. If some dude or lady you were dating made you drive through traffic, pay a shitload of money, get all dressed up, and drink gross alcohol all in hopes of MAYBE getting a closed-mouth kiss, you would kick that scrub to the curb. That’s not the way you deserve to be treated, y’all. Thank goodness Mel Owens and Teresa Lee are finally showing us all that New Years Eve is in fact pure hot garbage. If you need us on NYE, we’ll be on the couch in a slanket eating nutella out the jar.