Boobies Will Save The World

It’s tempting sometimes to be like ‘everything’s fucked, let’s give up’. But have you ever considered that the key to saving the world might be right in front of you? No, like literally in front of you, like on your chest. This catchy song from sketch duo Carlie and Doni really captures the life-changing magic of tiddies, and we’ve been humming it to ourselves ever since we first heard it.

The Grossest Thing You Can Do In Public

Making out on a park bench? Sure. Gambling? Ok. Screaming hate speech at someone? It’s in the constitution! But there’s one thing that you much never ever do in public, or you’ll face the wrath of every rando on the street. This sketch from writer Stephanie Stender covers the basic biological act that you can’t do in public in the funniest possible way.

Maybe Don’t Touch Dulce Sloan Without Permission

Ok so you know Dulcé Sloan is #1, right? If not you’ve been missing something very important in your life. She’s funny as all hell, she seems like the best person to brunch with, and she’s got some very important life tips to share. Her stand-up is our everything.