You Deserve A Cocktale

There’s nothing better for easing stress than listening to someone else’s naughty sex stories. Except maybe for booze, that helps too. And since it’s always sex o’clock somewhere, we thought this would be the perfect hump day treat – Esther Povitsky and Tiffany Haddish talking about sex stuff and sipping dranks. You’re welcome!

Time For Some Tights Off Tat Talk

Jen Kirkman is a role model. She’s got an amazing stand-up special out, she’s funny as hell, and just like a lot of our favorite people she has a confusing tattoo.  Although it sounds like Jen’s grandma is a close second in the role model competition.

Our Woman Crush Wednesday Is Rashida Jones

All hail Rashida. There’s literally nothing she can’t do, from playing America’s bff Ann Perkins to writing the screenplay for Toy Story 4 to writing the comic book Frenemy of the State to singing like a perfect angel. It’s honestly ridiculous how talented she is. So we made her our Woman Crush Wednesday as a small token of our esteem.

Let’s Celebrate Allison Janney!

We wish Allison Janney was in every movie and on every tv show. You might think that’s an exaggeration but honestly, can you think of one film that wouldn’t be improved by adding Allison Janney? One show that couldn’t stand a dose of the Jannster? Yeah nah didn’t think so. She’s a wildly talented actor, funny as hell, and honestly seems like she’s really fun to hang out with. Plus, she makes us feel so calm when she’s on screen. So go watch her on Mom tonight, and watch our playlist of some of her greatest hits. Hooray for Allison!

An Extremely Accurate Portrait Of Halloween

Ladies, we’re not in college anymore. Halloween doesn’t need to be a booze-cruisy skank fest where we flash our trick-or-treats at the whole bar. We’ve outgrown that! Halloween just means a pleasant night with friends, celebrating Fall and friendship. Right?

HAHAHHHAHAHA just kidding, of course we’re gonna get shwasted and mack on some dude dressed like one of the Avengers. It’s Halloween, witches! And this Saturday Night Live sketch is a dead-on portrayal of how this spooky holiday always goes down. Pizza barf, here we come.

Joan Cusack Is A Gift To The World

Here’s the thing about Joan Cusack. She could honestly do nothing but stand in front of a camera straight faced, and we would crack up. There’s just something about her that’s so effortlessly funny, she does comedy like a butterfly flies. But a chill butterfly, a butterfly that picks really cool projects to work on and also advocates for pediatric cancer patients. This metaphor isn’t going well, but the point is that we really admire Joan and wish she was in every tv show. So in honor of cutie Cusack, here is a playlist of our favorite moments featuring her! What a star.