We’re Dying Over This Supreme Court Lady Squad

DYYYYIIIIING. From our sketch favies Hot Goss comes an inside peek at girl’s night with the Supremes. Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan dish it out with new addition Kamala Harris, and honestly we would do anything to be invited to this hangout. We’ll bring the melty ice cream.

Take A Walk With The Sidewalk Friends

Billie and Bobby are just a coupla gals with a dream. A dream that no person will ever have to be alone again, even for one single moment, ever. Is that so weird?? Nanners Comedy strikes again with this tale of two weirdos who are just trying to help others.

We Can’t Wait To Watch ‘Brown Girls’

Honestly, we’ve already watched this trailer like six times over at WhoHaha HQ. The series is written and created by Fatimah Asghar and stars Nabila Hossain and Sonia Denis as Leila and Patricia, two 20-something women from different backgrounds navigating love and queerness and adulthood. Their friendship is the core of the show, and honestly we can already tell that this ode to lady love is gonna make us laugh and weep and think about life. You can watch the first few episode on the website now!


It’s hard to say no to a gift from a friend. Even when that gift is a heinously offensive necklace. And in this sketch from the women of Infinititty, four bffls must confront exactly that horror. Honestly though, we do all love AnnAll.