The Girlboss Trailer Is Maybe Too Perfect

If you’re looking for a funny badass who simultaneously give no fucks and also cares way too much, the new Netflix show Girlboss might be for you. Britt Robertson plays legendary tough chick Sophia Amoruso, who built a fashion empire out of a love for thrifting. The showrunner is Kay Cannon of Pitch Perfect fame, Charlize Theron is executive producing, and it’s just chock full of awesome women writers, producers and actors. We legit can’t wait for the premiere.

Sakdiyah Ma’ruf is a Hilarious Hijabi You Need To Know

If you haven’t heard Sakdiyah’s stand-up yet, today is your lucky day. The badass comic doesn’t always perform in English, so if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia this TEDx talk is a perfect introduction to Sakdiyah’s irreverent take on extremism, globalism, and dating in your 30’s. She’s the whole package.

Yara Shahidi Is The Coolest

Mark our words, Yara Shahidi is the next big thing. She’s perfect and hilarious on Black-ish, she’s charming as hell in every interview, she’s straight up brilliant politically, and she’s friends with Michelle Obama. Michelle!! We’re so excited to watch this cool teen keep kicking ass in and out of Hollywood.

This Parody Music Video Out Of Saudi Arabia Has Us Rolling

America doesn’t have a monopoly on funny badass women, y’all. The title of this technicolor gem is Hwages – which we’ve been told basically translates to ‘concerns’ – and the lyrics involve such gems as ‘men make us mentally ill’. We CANNOT with these skateboarding bamfs. Comedy is power, people.