Ask A Girl: The Potty Posse

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks gets down to business. Bathroom business, that is. In answer to the question ‘why do women always go to the bathroom in packs’, Banks spills all our secrets. We’d be mad at her for revealing that we all go to gossip and share togetherness time, but she’s just so dang funny that we can’t get irked.

Ask A Girl: Blood Sisters

Instead of being like ‘ew periods are gross’, everyone should see them for what they really are. Namely: PROOF OF OUR WITCHY POWERS. They sync up with the moon, they sync up with our nearest and dearest, and they literally have the power to create life. That’s tight as hell.

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks – head of our coven of comedy witches – sets a man straight about women cycling together. Do we get scared? Nah Matt. We get HYPE.

Ask A Girl: G-Spot GPS

Dudes act like the G-spot is the damn fountain of youth. Like they need to hike four weeks and bushwhack through dense jungles to find it. Maybe the simpler solution would be to JUST ASK YOUR PARTNER??

Thank goodness Kween Elizabeth is here to explain how it works through some truly hilarious finger mime. Srlsy, high schoolers should be learning sex-ed from Banks.