The Funniest Tweets Of The Year (So Far)

2017 has already been tumultuous as all hell, y’all. But if there’s anything to celebrate, it’s funny women doing what they do best. And plus, IT’S FRIDAY! So are we still gonna party?


Of all the burns on 2016, this is maybe the best one.


Film it please.


Kimberly is very funny but in this case, the original picture is the best joke of all.


God Mara Wilson is such a gift to the world.


Who knew there were so many horrible flavors of old white man?!


Honestly every store should hand out free Xanax samples for the next four years.


Sometimes they let us read a book that isn’t the Bible!!!


Who’s this narrator and is she free this weekend?




Look if you made it through the year without a drinking problem, hats off to ya bb.


Ya. ?


And how will we find boyfriends without Tindering on the toilet?!?!


Awwwwwwww (ok nvm it’s rad to be single honestly).


Oh wow still?!?!


‘Ok now take these tupperwares of food back with you to your filthy apartment’.


Yeah let’s all go on record with this.



These Resolutions Will Really Speak To You

What’s your new years resolution? It is to be even more of a badass bish and to support even more women in comedy? OMG WHAT that’s ours too!!! But our friends over at Pure & Weary (aka Katherine Biskupic & Leah Frires) have a lot of resolutions that we also strongly agree with. Like eating more green peppers! And throwing more pregnancy tests in the air! It’s gonna be a great year.

2016 Was A Horror Show. No, Literally.

Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. All horror movie villains with a lower body count than the nightmare that was 2016. We lost pretty much every good celeb, plus a gorilla, and also maybe all our rights as women in America. So naturally, the buds over at Friend Dog Studios created a trailer for what 2016 might look like as a horror movie. And best of all, it stars our fave Anna Gillcrist.

It’s Time To Break Up With New Years Eve

Be honest. If some dude or lady you were dating made you drive through traffic, pay a shitload of money, get all dressed up, and drink gross alcohol all in hopes of MAYBE getting a closed-mouth kiss, you would kick that scrub to the curb. That’s not the way you deserve to be treated, y’all. Thank goodness Mel Owens and Teresa Lee are finally showing us all that New Years Eve is in fact pure hot garbage. If you need us on NYE, we’ll be on the couch in a slanket eating nutella out the jar.

2016 Gave Us Some Truly Terrible Presents

Did you get good presents this year?!? Oh, it was mostly jewelry for 13 year olds and dusty lotions? Sorry bb. But trust, no terrible presents can compare to the ones that 2016 gave us. From dead celebs to broken dreams for our democracy, this year was a real grinch with the gifts. The ladies of Ginblo take down this dreadful 12 months in their new sketch, and they’re so funny that they make it all seem a little more bearable somehow. Thanks, Laura and Jamie ?

Every Stand-up Album From A Woman in 2016

Hooooleeee smokes y’all, this was an amazing year for comedy. There were more tv shows, more movies, more Youtube sketches than ever that were created by funny ladies. Three of the five Grammy nominees for Comedy Album of the Year are women. And so many truly rad broads put out stand-up specials in 2016, everyone from super famous ladies with their own tv shows to up-and-comers just trying to make a buck.

So we’re just thrilled that the incomparable Brandie Posey put all those albums in a list and shared that list with us. Look, there’s a few more weeks in 2016 so it’s possible we’ll be adding to this list. And if you know an awesome lady-identifying stand-up who put out an album this year that we missed, give us a holler on Facebook or Twitter! We want to hear about her.

Read on for all the comedy dopeness, and click the titles to get the albums and watch the specials. Seriously, go buy the albums.


Opinion Cave – Brandie Posey

Oh God Please Like Me – Laura Sanders

Stay Eating Cookies – Shalewa Sharpe

Butcher – Rhea Butcher

Only Whores Wear Purple – Rachel Feinstein

Tell It To My Balls – Deanne Smith

True Love – Giulia Rozzi

Please Don’t Leave Me – Jessica Michelle Singleton

20% – Maria Bamford

Hooker On Spenard – Kass Smiley

Feminazi C❤️nt – Bobbie Oliver

Marriage Material – Cameron Esposito

American Myth – Margaret Cho

Amy Schumer Live At The Apollo

Solid Gold – Amy Miller

Not Fancy – Anjelah Johnson

Uncomfortable At Best – Paige Weldon

By A Thread – Emily Maya Mills

I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) – Jen Kirkman

Boyish Girl Interrupted – Tig Notaro

Hard Feelings – Brooke Van Poppelen

Gothic American – Virginia Jones

Just Putting It Out There – Aparna Nancherla

No Child Left Behind – Jodi Miller

Who Is Jackie Fabulous?

The Pat Brown Sextape

Perfect – Nikki Glaser

AKA Randy – Amanda Brooke Perrin

Brain Bank – Lisa Best

Bearded Woman – Mary Jane French