Nice Tan

Nice Tan is a WOC/QPOC-led sketch comedy project about life and identity in a world that’s not as “woke” as it thinks it is. Our mission is to feature underrepresented perspectives in sketch comedy and skewer the various identities we inhabit in a pointed, irreverent, and hilarious way. Nice Tan features the work of Creator/Writer/Actor Carla Lee, and creative team Nnekay Fitzclarke, Amanda Rosenberg, Adrian Elliot, Mimi Cave, Ryan Marchand, Sam Jackson, Justin Lucas, Molly Sanchez, Dom Gelin, and a powerhouse collective of Bay Area POC comedic collaborators. CREATOR’S NOTE: "IDENTITIES. As a mixed-race black woman, I’ve experimented with a lot of them: at school, at camp, at home, at work, in relationships - all with results that ranged from the hilarious to the tragic. Whether my motivation was social acceptance, comfort in my own skin, or survival, one thing that remained consistent was that I was learning about myself. Shit is and always has been a struggle for a lot of us. Women. People of Color. LGBTQIA folks. Everything right now is telling us to shrink down, to hide, to be afraid, to disappear. BUT FUCK THAT. WE’RE HERE. WE’RE FUNNY. AND WE’RE REAL." --Carla Lee

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