Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Damn Tweets

Can you believe we made it through ALL the debates AND it’s almost Halloween? Damn, 2016 is finally turning around y’all.

Anyway enjoy this week’s funniest, smartest, sassiest tweets. We know we did!


Yeah except Taylor Swift has actual friends.


Carrie Fisher is our favorite person on Twitter. Can you imagine if she and Cher hung out? Paradise.


Omg this is who the showrunner on Another Period is, now it makes sense why it’s the greatest show on TV.




Never related so hard to a tweet in our whole entire lives.


Our relationships with old dudes who try to talk to us in the auto parts store will never be the same.


Yaas yaas a thousand times YAAS!


Ok fine you get the promotion.


Gotta make this our bio on all socia media STAT




She looked like if Steve Martin was a hot alien grandma. It made us believe in love again.


Truly so rude. Those gems are for the mummies, Lara!


Been there, man. Been… there.


That’ll be nice!