Why Can’t We Just Say ‘Thank You’?

Ok now ladies. Tell us if this sounds familiar. Your coworker throws you a ‘girl you look uh-mazing today, love the hair!’ And instead of just saying ‘thanks!’ you’re driven into a spiral of shame and horror and can only respond by screaming ‘WHAT SHUT UP MEGAN YOU LOOK AMAZING I’M A PILE OF SHIT THAT A DOG THREW UP I HATE YOU’. Why do we do this??? Why can’t we just take a freakin compliment?

The always-brilliant Fielding Edlow and Laura Kightlinger teamed up to create an all-lady interview show, in which Fielding gives women heartfelt compliments and those women struggle to accept them. It’s real, it’s funny, it’s making us feel sweaty and nervous. We love it.