Drunk History Hamilton Is Everything

Alia Shawkat is Hamilton. Aubrey Plaza is Burr. LITERALLY WHAT ELSE COULD YOU WANT IN LIFE?? Lin-Manuel Miranda got drunk and talked about Hamilton for Drunk History because yeah sure why not. Then they hired America’s grumpy hipster sweethearts to be the stars because life is good and God loves us and we deserve it. It’s friggin magic is what it is.

When Hot Guys Hold Babies Women Lose Their Shit

Let it be known to the entire world: Joanna Bradley is a genius.

Her latest sketch for Above Average, “When Hot Guys Hold Babies,” is an infomercial for only the manliest of men:

“You’re a hot guy who drives women crazy. But you might not be lighting up as much pussy as you could be. That’s why there’s ‘Holding Babies For Hot Guys.'” 

Women can get nosebleeds, gyrate on furniture, orgasm on demand, and literally shoot themselves in the head if they see a hot man holding a baby, so be careful out there ladies!