Forbidden Snuggles Are The Best Snuggles

You know you’ve gone full cat lady when you’re stocking up on organic treats for a cat that isn’t even your cat.  Marla Black embraces her inner cat-napper in this sketch about the forbidden love between a lady and a very soft little meowmers prince.

If Channukah and Christmas Were Your Coworkers

From the dream team of Soren & Jolles, we bring you this maybe too-real vision of what Channukah and Christmas would be like as actual humans. Xmas, you need to CALM IT DOWN with those lights, that is def not environmentally friendly.

Paige Wesley Doesn’t Borrow Boobs

This standup set is straight fire all the way through, but we had a hard time concentrating after ‘baby pool of garlic bread’. Damn. Yum.

Gosh bless Paige Wesley for taking aim at rude retail customers, our bs fat-phobic society, and dudes who can’t text back.