We Need Abbi & Ilana Back In Our Lives

Waiting for Broad City season 4 to drop is agonizing. And honestly? We need Abby and Ilana now more than ever. So while we burn one (candle, of course) and wait for them to come back, we’ll be re-watching this weird mini movie with the Broad City babes and Amy and Tina. Then we’ll prob re-watch Sisters. Then seasons 1-3 of Broad City. Then we’ll take a nap.

Well That’s One Way To Get Equal Pay

This sketch is short, sweet, and absolutely savage. In a world where women STILL get 77 cents on the dollar, maybe Honest Monster is right about what we really need to get equal respect and equal pay.

Brb gotta hit up a sex shop and then our boss’ office.

We’re Sooooo Tiiiiiired

Omg do you ever get tired? Like sewwwww tired? Like so exhausted because your life is so busy and you’re so successful at your demanding job and you don’t even have time to rest tired??? Ok but YOU’RE STILL NOT AS TIRED AS WE ARE.

Sketch team DJ Faucet rides again, and this time they just nailed what we really mean when we talk about how tired we all are.





Goodbye Mel and Sue, We’ll Mousse You ?

Who woulda thunk, 5 years ago, that America would end up obsessed with a show about British pastry nerds making jelly rolls in a tent? The Great British Bake Off is the sweetest thing on Netflix (and we do NOT say that lightly), and Sue and Mel are its warm n gooey heart. They’re part of the great UK tradition of female comedy teams and they gave the show punny manic life. We’re gonna miss them so much, so we’re memorializing them with this mousse chase. Bye, sweet angels!

Ladies, Learn To Smyle

Sometimes morons are like ‘why are women so upset about men telling them to smile, we’re just being friendly’. Those are p much the only times we ever consider homicide.

But for those moments when you just have to put up and shut up for the patriarchy, there’s a new product on shelves that you’re just gonna love! Writer Jen McCartney brings us Smyle ™ – the pill that’ll keep you compliant and pretty, so men never have to feel uncomfortable or even consider other people’s feelings.