We Just Love Kate Walsh

Gray’s Anatomy. Private Practice. Bad Judge. The Hotwives of Orlando. Under The Tuscan Sun. They’re not just hella fun movies and TV shows directed/produced/written by women. They’re also tv shows and movies that were given glorious glittering life by our absolute favorite, Kate Walsh.

She’s had the coolest career, from doing sketch comedy in New York to being one of Shondaland’s reigning queens with a perfume line and a buncha businesses. A true hilarious bamf. So to celebrate Kate on this, the day of her birth, we put together a playlist of some of her greatest moments. It’s our little gift to you.

Niecy Nash Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

Yas Niecy yaaaaasss! We’ve been big fans of Niecy Nash since way back in her Reno 911! days, and she just keeps getting funnier and more fabulous. She’s a gem on The Mindy Project, slays on Scream Queens, and she proved she’s an ACTOR in Selma.  We vote Niecy for president of tv, honestly.

If Your Boobs Were A Movie

Good ol Babs and Lefty (or whatever you call your boobs). They’re there for you when you need them, they let you strap them down when they’re in the way, they make a nice pocket for holding your keys in the club.

But boobs don’t get enough credit day-to-day. Which is why we asked the hilarious Anna Gillcrist to praise her tatas using a movie title. To no one’s surprised, she picked the perfect film.

Loosely Exactly Amazing

Right from the first 3 lines of this show, you can tell it’s gonna be one of the funniest friggin things ever to appear on tv. Nicole Byer is so effortlessly hilarious, and we’re so stoked that MTV gave her a chance to showcase her insane talent. From racist casting calls to the amazing fake french, Loosely Exactly Nicole has everything AND THIS IS ONLY THE TRAILER.

Carrot Cake Is The Election Smooth Jam We All Needed

You might already know Jenni and Jesenia from their fantastic podcast, The Fix. But they also make amaaaazing music videos about everything from the INS to cramps.

And we couldn’t resist this slice of carrot cake served with piping hot tea. Bump this jam until November to make you feel better about things.

How To Give Birth At Work!

Benefits for working moms in America just keep getting better and better! And now you lucky mothers have the option to skip the yucky hospital and give birth right in your office. Wow! Super!

This sketch from writer Hana Michels and director Courtney Davis for Funny or Die is too funny and too damn real. Kudos. Also blech.