Take It Away, Samantha Bee

A lot of Americans are still reeling from the election. But there are so many good things that no political change can take away. Like happy dogs, and banana splits, and Samantha Bee. We’re lucky to have such a fiery political pundit for a role model, and we’re lucky to have so many wonderful Nasty Women advocating for us all. Some Americans are sad about the election, some might be happy, but regardless we here at WhoHaha are going to keep advocating for women’s rights and showcasing women’s creativity and power. Starting with Queen Bee here.

Woman Card Against Humanity (Brought To You By Trump Toys)

It’s the card game every woman didn’t know they were already playing (but according to Donald Trump, they totally are) – Woman Card Against Humanity. It’s the hot new game on the scene where women are presented with a series of scenarios and decide if they want to use their “woman card” to get what they want. Bonus: each game comes with your very own opinionated white guy. Written by Dara Laine, this parody sketch is just what we need today.

My Uterus Can Be Such A Bitch

We’re all familiar with those 5-7 days a month when we have our periods and literally dream of punching our uterus in the face, right? If you are familiar, you’ll totally appreciate this sketch from GinBlo Productions. It’s too real! If only our uterus was an actual person we could banish from our life…*sigh*