Curing Womanhood Is Easier Than You’d Think!

Y’know, for all the rah rah goddess you go girl gyno-positive stuff out there, it still sucks to be a woman a lot of the time. It’s still a man’s world, and lots of men don’t love taking women seriously. But there’s good news, ladies! A new product just hit the market that’ll help you feel safe in public places, be heard at work, and be respected by the men in your life. This is our time, ladies!

Clare O’Kane Is A Woman

Here’s the thing. Women are strong and powerful moon goddesses with hearts full of light and bravery. But let’s be real, we’re also mostly short as shit.

Clare O’Kane, hilarious comedian and truth teller, makes the helpful point in this standup set that a fight where one person is half the size of the other is prob not a fair fight. She also makes us laugh a lot. Gigglin’ and thinkin’, what more could you want from your day???