Woman Crush Wednesday: Kerry Washington

Hello hey hi welcome to the Kerry Washington fan club. First order of business: talking about all the reasons we love Kerry Washington. She’s so talented, she’s so funny, she’s so badass, and we want to hang out with her all the damn time. She’s a friggin hero, so naturally we had to make her our Wednesday woman crush.

Gabrielle Union Is Our Wednesday Woman Crush

Wow, yes, we will take literally any occasion to talk about how much we love Gabrielle Union. She’s unbelievably talented, she’s a big time activist and advocate for women, and she’s so g-d funny. So we thought we’d make her our WCW to have an excuse to watch a bunch of clips of her being great. It’s a win win, honestly.

Woman Crush Wednesday – Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Here’s to Patsy and Edina. They’re rude, they’re crude, they’re basically our soul mates and role models. WhoHaha might be based in America, but we can appreciate a badass old British broad as much as anyone in the world. Which is why we’re stoked as hell that we can watch the new Ab Fab movie on BluRay, DVD, and Digital HD right here. K we’re not getting any more work done today, byeeeeee!

Woman Crush: Hillary Clinton

This election stung like a million mean wasps nests. Hillary Clinton lost, and it feels real weird. But we’re still with her! Hillary inspired us to feel like a woman could do anything, and she’s been a class act this whole time and right up to the concession speech. So even though she’s not going to be president any time soon, she’s still our hero. Woman Crush Wednesday doesn’t even do it justice.