So Hangry…

No one is their best self when they’re hungry. But when you reach the level of hangry, everyone in a 40 mile radius better watch OUT. This hangriness anthem is maybe too relatable, and now we’re worried creator Jacqueline Pereda somehow got in our brains. We’ve definitely sexy-crawled over to a bucket of fried chicken before.

TBT: Young Lucille Ball Tearing Up The Dance Floor

Everyone knows Lucille Ball was hilarious. But did you know she was the first female head of a production company, and that she basically created the sitcom format of filming in front of a live audience?

Also DID YOU KNOW that she could sing and dance like a mo fo? Girl could werk. We found this scene from Dance, Girl, Dance, a film that was released in 1940 (aka before Lucy was famous), and we just had to share. #Flawless