UnREAL Season 3 Trailer!!!!

IT’S HERE! Our first little taste of Season 3 of UnREAL is here and it is as delicious and dark as ever. Shiri and Constance are back as Quinn and Rachel, producers and manipulators in chief. But this season it looks like we also get a lady Suitor, which means hella buff dudes fighting shirtless, and a whole different set of challenges for our intrepid crew.

There’s Help For Your Housewives Addiction

It starts out innocently. Maybe a friend at a party says ‘hey, try this, I think you’re gonna love it’. Maybe the person you’re dating gets you in to it. But before you know it, you’re sipping Skinnygirl and screaming ‘WHO GON CHECK ME BOO’ at the TV screen. The Real Housewives is a real addiction, and it requires real help. And writer/director Ashleigh Stanczak is just the person to give you that help.