Sometimes critics of feminism make great points. But mostly what meninists on the internet do is go ‘BUT WHY WON’T WOMEN DATE ME ugh feminism is cancer #misandryis4real’. And that’s… not super helpful. The comedy powerhouses of Soresi&Sass (aka Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass) bring you this tale of feminism RUN AMOK.

Trump Can’t Even Order A Burger Politely

A weird thing that happens with our precedent-elect is that everyone keeps forgetting that he’s lowkey a monster. Things start to feel normal, news sites start to report on him like he’s an actual politician. But this sketch from TwinGirlPeeks is the perfect reminder that it is very un-normal to have this pussy-grabbing, racial-slur-using, insult-hurling child man as our next president. And for that, we thank them.

Rio Real Talk: So Much Sexism

The Rio Olympics are in the rearview here in the US. But like a Tinder dude who can’t take a hint, sexism just keeps popping up!

The geniuses of Those Girls bring us the perfect recap of the games. Looks like the TLDR is lots of women athletes kicking ass, and lots of male commentators winning gold in putting their feet in their dumb mouths.


If Straight Couples Were Treated Like Gay Couples

Straight couples are so cute. With their little Subarus and their little straight weddings. They really bring diversity to a dinner party!

The ladies of Ginblo Productions imagined a world where people talked to straight couples the way they talk to gay couples, and it was highly educational. They don’t need special beverages, people.


The Summer Jam For Servers – Can I Get A Box?

Never have the struggles of a server been so friggin catchy. From the sparkling psycho diamond mind of Joy Brooker, we bring you the summer banger that anyone who’s ever waited tables can relate to.

There is no kale salad on earth filling enough to justify a box. Just put your fork down and walk away. Thenk yeewwwww.