No More 24 Hour Birthday Parties

You know what we’re very much over? This thing that’s happening lately where someone does 45 damn activities for their birthday. We can’t make it to brunch AND ice skating AND tapas AND drinks AND the drag show AND salsa dancing, ASHLEY. Luckily the writers of Tiny Fantasies – aka Sydney Nikols and Maggie Monahan – are here to set these birthday divas straight (in their minds).

Hair Salon Small Talk Is A Nightmare

You know when you’re getting your hair cut and the barber is like ‘girl entertain me! what’s up in your life?!’ and you’re like ‘NOOOOOOOOOO’? Moujan Zolfaghari has been there. And it’s a damn nightmare. So in this brave piece of reporting, Moujan goes into the heart of darkness – the salon itself – and explores the horrifying world of haircut chit chat.

It’s Finally Men’s History Month! (Jk It Always Is)

Gosh, it’s hard to be a white dude these days! You’re only making 30-50% more money than your female colleagues, you might actually get 6 whole months in prison for sexual assault. Life can feel unfair! But the very masculine dudely dudes of Buzz Off Lucille are here to let you know that actually it gets better for people who aren’t marginalized by society too!

Give It Up For The American Heroes of Girl NASA!

There are so many swell things about being a woman. You can wear pretty dresses, you can giggle and flirt, and if men allow it you can even do science! You’ll never get credit for it though, because even if you make a breakthrough a man will just say it louder in a meeting!! This sketch from Jess Lane and Nerdist made us laugh but also cry like a lot.

A La La Land Deleted Scene

There were lots of great things about La La Land! The costumes, the spectacle, the… angles. But perhaps the most wonderful thing of all is the way that they made all the characters really interesting and full of character details and definitely not at all boring or bland or just basic-ass white people. This sketch from Zoe Schwab and Above Average definitely proves it!