Telling Off A Pay Gap Denier Like ??

Phoebe Robinson should be required viewing in all schools across America. They children are our future, and Phoebe is our role model. And in this video from Make It Work, she teaches us how to clap back at a dingus who thinks that women don’t actually make less money than men. Thank you Queen Phoebe.

Make Men Want You In 5 Horrible Steps

Men are like gumball machines. Just gotta find the right token to get what you want out of them!

Jkjkjkjk men are human beings with thoughts and feelings. But you wouldn’t know that from most of the dating advice that gets fire-hose-blasted at women from magazines and weird Youtube channels. Maddy Butler and the VODville team perfectly satirized all those awful messages th

You Pick: Bad Employee or Terrible Mom!

Happy Labor Day everybody! Ah yes, the day where we’re either at our jobs that don’t actually give time off for holidays, or we’re at our home jobs where we take care of our families. Gotta love those last bummer days of summer!

It may not be a real holiday, but it’s the perfect time to celebrate this hilarrrious sketch from our fave Honora Talbott. Turns out the cool thing about having it all is not actually doing any of it well!