Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Tweets

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Oprah Laughing

TODAY IS FRIDAY! Which means this is us to the work week:


Before you roll out of work like the queen that you are, enjoy this week’s roundup of the funniest tweets.

The worst.

The struggle of anyone with a tiny bladder!


Much more useful of a sign that knowing if someone has a baby on board.

May the llamas of the world live freely forever.

For anyone who doesn’t live in Los Angeles – it’s truly horrifying.

Seriously – WHERE IS IT?!?!?!


That would solve so many of their problems.

Same thing.

RIP all those people.

Aparna Nancherla: woman of edgy truth.

A woman’s brows are the windows to her soul.

YES! *praise hands emoji*

L – O – L. Honestly, there’s no need to correct them.

Just being a responsible adult.

So real it hurts.

Sophia understands the important things in life.