Really Important Questions: Audition Fails

Auditions aren’t easy at the best of times. But some are definitely worse than others. Like soul-suckingly, barf-inducingly, spirit-crushingly worse. Let these tales of terrible auditions soothe your soul with a little schadenfreude.

And if these stories of failing at being an actor made you giggle, you’re just gonna love TV Land’s upcoming series nobodies (“starring” the hilarious Rachel Ramras). Check it out on TV Land, Wednesdays at 10!

Really Important Questions: An Embarrassing Would-You-Rather

TV Land’s hilarious new comedy series nobodies premieres this Wednesday at 10/9c, and we’re celebrating the show by posing some really important questions to our fave funny women (including “star” and Groundlings member Rachel Ramras). This week we ask the gals “Would you rather be a nobody, or be a somebody but in the worst way?” The answers surprised even us.