Rank Your FRIENDS!

Many little girls dream of being a bride, but many girls also dream about being a bridesmaid. Being chosen as a bridesmaid means the bride looked at all of her friends and ranked you as the best! You get to stand close to her on her special day and also invest a small fortune into her wedding. It can be hard on a bride to rate her friends. Where to start? It’s almost as if a Bachelor styled event could help a bride eliminate her friends who just aren’t worthy.

Check out this hilarious short film, The Bridal Party, written by Hannah Sloan, directed by Hannah Sloan & Mary Deaton, starring Hannah Sloan, Mary Deaton, Jenna Johnson, Marissa Moses, & Wilder Smith, produced by Hannah Sloan, Mary Deaton, Zoe Marshall , Jenna Johnson,  &  Marissa Moses, and set design by Megan Chumbley.