Geography For Racists

How to describe how much we love Lilly Singh? She’s the funniest, the badassiest, and now it turns out that she’s a top notch educator too. In this epic burn filled four minutes, Superwoman utterly destroys dumb internet racists with a simple lesson in geography.

A Pretty Princess Makeup Vlog!

Being a princess is every little girl’s dream! The fancy dresses, the power, the constant cholera and lead poisoning. Oh what’s that, you didn’t know that in the days of princesses they used to powder their faces with lead and drink poop water? This magical princess vlog from Emily Clouse gets a little too real about the monarchy.

Can’t Disguise Those Hungry Thighs

It happens to all of us. One minute, you’re a happy, well-adjusted adult woman. The next, your inner thighs are squishing out of your jeans like unbaked croissants.

Luckily our girl Nicole Blume is spreading awareness of this chronic condition that affects 100% of women, and opening our eyes to the dangers of Hungry Thighs.