Don’t Go Home For The Holidays, Have a Selfsgiving!

Good ol Thanksgiving. The smell of the stuffing coming out of the oven, watching the parade, screaming at your relatives unabashed racism. We love everything about the holiday except the people, and so does Jackie Jennings in this sketch from Above Average.

So go ahead. Have a joyful, food-filled Thanksgiving meal to yourself. Because loving yourself… is truly the greatest love of all.

Dang, Even The Vending Machines Are Body Shaming

Hey, when does ‘mom bod’ become a thing? Because it’s starting to feel like men are always going to be allowed to look a little schlubby and have a tummy, and women are always going to have to be in perfect shape. And that’s some bulllllllshiiiiiiit. So if this nightmare scenario from genius filmmaker Stephanie Stender comes true, well, we’re gonna be very ready to whip out our axes.