Think Hill’s Shrill? You Better Watch This.

The vice-presidential debate brought up a lot of questions. Why does Trump have such a boner for Putin? Was Kaine on some type of roids? But most of all, it had us wondering why men so often really don’t like letting women talk.

Fortunately the brains behind Hurdy Blurdy created this primer to how to not sound too shrill/bossy/bitchy/wimpy for men. Hillary is a shoo-in for prez now!

TBT: Queen Carol’s Surreal Commercial Parody

Ok so pretty much every working comedian owes their career to The Carol Burnett Show making sketch comedy a thing. It ran for more than 10 years, and it convinced a generation of Americans that women are in fact funny as hell. We worship Carol at our shrine of badass hard-working comedy geniuses every day, but since it’s throwback Thursday we might as well post one of our favorite bizarro sketches from the show.

Also bonus clip because we can’t resist: you HAVE to watch Carol and Bernadette Peters as synchronized catty typists. It is a damn work of art.