The Funniest Damn Tweets Of The Week

Two! More! Weeks! Of! 2016!!!!

We’re so close y’all. Just hold on tight to these funny tweets and ride this comedy train through to the new year. We’re gonna make it.




Also Christmas has 12 days, this is like three months.


WE GET IT, oy freakin vey.


Once a fascist megalomaniac, always a blah blah blah.


Yeah no guess women feeling comfortable with showing people their bodies or choosing not to show their bodies means feminism is dead?!?!


Yep, we’re calling it. This is the best one of these memes.



May this tweet live forever and continue to inspire us all.


We’d most definitely (redacted) that (redacted) for at least a half a (redacted).


Yeezus please. Talk to a friend about this before you lock it down.


Take a quick pause from calling your senators and think about this. It’s spooky accurate.


Please, Christmas Jesus. Send us more Matty B’s.


What The Irish Think About Our Bathroom Drama

Sometimes here in the United States of Absolutely-bonkers-politics we forget how weird we are. Thank gawd for the adorable ginger nut Clisare (aka Clara Cullen), who calls em like she sees em when it comes to international relations. Let the people piss in peace!

Can’t Disguise Those Hungry Thighs

It happens to all of us. One minute, you’re a happy, well-adjusted adult woman. The next, your inner thighs are squishing out of your jeans like unbaked croissants.

Luckily our girl Nicole Blume is spreading awareness of this chronic condition that affects 100% of women, and opening our eyes to the dangers of Hungry Thighs.