Tina Fey And Rachel Dratch Are Back On SNL!

Ok just temporarily, it’s true. Teenz and Rach-Rach only came back for a quick Superbowl themed sketch parodying the rivalry between the Patriots and the Eagles. But they are so obviously the stars of this six minutes of heaven, and it’s making us miss the olden days just a lil bit.

Even Tina Can Bomb, Y’all

Sometimes it seems like Tina Fey emerged fully formed from a frothy seashell, bearing comedy and joy for the whole world. But actually she used to be just like the rest of us schlubs, occasionally humiliating herself in front of a room full of strangers. Crazy but true! So here’s the story of queen Tina’s worst audition.

This Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch TBT Is A Lil Too Real

We’re starting to think that Tina Fey can see the future. This sketch from the 90’s featuring a competent woman in politics being belittled and shouted over gives us a real weird deja vu feeling. Fortunately Fey and Dratch can make even the darkest shit hilarious.