6 Times The Oscars Made Us Go ‘Whoa’

Oscars Tiffany Haddish Maya Rudolph

Ok so there weren’t as many dramatic fireworks as last year. But the Oscars ceremony last night was chock full o’ feelings and had us all gasping repeatedly. Here are a couple of moments that had us like ‘dang! wow! yes please more of this!’


When Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph made us wish they’d host every single awards show and also be our best friends.


When Frances McDormand’s mic drop speech made us scream YAAAS at the tv.


When that Time’s Up speech made us feel like maybe the world is really actually changing???


When Mary J Blige destroyed us with music and then rebuilt us into better people.


When Meryl Streep was absolutely everything, per usual.


When Rebel Wilson frolicked around with cartoons for some reason?


Honorable MENtion goes to Jordan Peele for his incredible script for Get Out (which made him the first African American person to win Best Screenplay) and Guillermo Del Toro for his gorgeous speech about how immigrants are the fucking best. Way to go, fellas!


Just Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women!

Gosh do we love Jena Friedman. And this stand-up set from Conan is honestly wall-to-wall incredible jokes. Whether she’s covering scary businessmen, groping, how men can cope with all this Time’s Up madness, or of course Nazis, Jena kills it. She may be half man, but she still manages to be allllll fire.