Child Therapy with Maria Bamford

Relationships are tough! Sometimes you need the wise words of a tiny child to walk you through it. And sometimes, tiny children are completely useless when it comes to adult problems and they just want to goof around. You never know! In this episode of the insanely charming series Child Therapy, counselor Dr. Moxie talks Maria Bamford and her husband through an argument.

Tight 5: It’s Britney’s Instagram, B*tch

We’re celebrating President’s Day Weekend the only way we know how, by talking about our new favorite things in the comedy world! Alex Lynn Ward walks us through the newest and best comedy from women this week, including a brony-licious web series, a hilarious therapy sketch, a kickass all-lady improv team, and the Instagram account of one Britney Jean Spears.

Web Series:

Avant Guardians Is Your New Favorite Web Series

We are obsessed. We are in love. Avant Guardians is the story of a guardian angel forced to go to therapy, her 12 year old charge (who’s also going to be the president), and of course her therapist. It’s funny, it’s brilliant, and we’re huge fans of creator Alesia Etinoff. Watch, laugh, learn.

Yesterday’s Ew Is Tomorrow’s Aaaah

Getting older is THE BEST. You stop giving a shit about what people think, you have more money, and old dudes suddenly look hot to you. Carmen Lynch makes a really good case for growing older, and also for being in therapy. So pretty much everything we’re doing already. Yay!