The Funniest Dang Tweets Of The Week

WHAT A WEEK! It’s been like a dang roller coaster in America, and not one of the kiddie flying elephant ones.

But we’ve made it to the weekend and things are looking up and as always the best way to celebrate is with some fresh and funny tweets!

Life is terrible and also there’s so little of it.


This made us spit our La Croix all over our desks and now the WhoHaha office is a mess.


As if we don’t have a countdown timer running on our phones AS IF.


This is why we rly need to pay our teachers more, America.


Marriage sounds dank, honestly.


Ohhhhh now we get Sister Wives!


We would do anything to be in on this trip.


‘And also it lives in Canada, wait oh shi-‘


And then send Baby Biden back here to make out with us up at Lover’s Lane.


An insult and a challenge ???


Spoiler alert: they didn’t figure it out.


This makes every detective show 200% more fun.