The Jewmaican Hannukah Jam You Didn’t Know You Needed

Dating is pretty wild! You never know who you’re gonna end up with. And sometimes you get such a gnarly combo that you just have to sing about it!

We’re in love with this cello jam from Nina Daniels, also featuring the hilarious comics Barbara Gray, Danielle Perez, Jamila Jordan, Olivia Aguilar. Plus, there are even bloopers! When you’re done watching the music video like 15 times, watch these hilarious women crack each other up:

SNL Hit Us Right In The Feels

Damn. Daaaaamn. SNL doesn’t always get everything right, but this week’s cold open was a perfect thing. It’s hard to laugh right now without getting a little cry out first. At least when you’re a woman or a person of color or lgbtq or an immigrant etc etc etc. Kate McKinnon gave us our daily cry on Saturday, so that we could go in to Dave Chappelle’s amazing monologue a little less weighed down.

And honestly the rest of the sketches were perfection too. Watch this Leslie Jones bit as a little bonus, in which she discusses the struggles of dating while being Leslie, and then really grosses out Dave. It’s beautiful.


You Should Definitely Not Have Sex To This Song

The strongest aphrodisiac in the world is knowing you should for sure not be having sex with someone. Like, better than Sade songs even. And this sexy jam from the new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re having sex with someone you definitely should not be boinking but will definitely be boinking again.

Are You Secretly In Love With Paige Weldon?

Growing up ain’t easy. You’re supposed to get your own health insurance, you’re supposed to already own a bed, you’re supposed to not look exactly like a middle schooler. Shit sucks. Fortunately for us, there are role models like Paige Weldon forging the way to adulthood. In this pretty much perfect stand-up set, Paige teaches us why we’re not allowed to have futons anymore and how to avoid looking like a hard-living preteen.

Also for more from Paige you gotta check out her album, it’s solid gold all the way through.

Pregmojis – If Pregnancy Tests Aren’t Scary Enough

Pregnancy tests suck. Because they’re stressful to take for one, but also because they’re so badly designed. Does one stripe mean baby? What about one and a half? What about a cool sunglasses emoji?

Wait guh? This sketch from the Happy Wife crew takes those ridiculous lil wands to their logical conclusion – nonsense emojis determining the whole course of your life.