TFW You’re Just An Old Baby

There’s gonna be a new Maria Bamford stand-up special on Netflix next week and frankly? this could not be better timing. When the world seems dark, when the vultures of depression are circling, we always turn to America’s weirdest stand-up comic to make us feel better. And the Bamf has never failed us yet. Check out Old Baby – directed by Jessica Yu – on May 2nd, and let your problems blow away like a big ol fart!

Crackling Fireplace – The Director’s Cut

Maria Bamford is one of our favorite people alive, and that’s no lie. Another favorite thing of ours – those weirdo crackling log videos that you put on your tv in your tiny apartment to pretend that you have a fireplace. Put ’em together? And you got some Yuletide magic, baby. We honestly can’t with this sketch from Bamford and writers Andrew Michaan and Zed Cutsinger. It’s just too g-dang festive.