Amy Sedaris Has a New Show And It’s Glorious

She blew our minds in Strangers With Candy. She taught us to be adults with her books on crafting and entertaining. And now Amy Sedaris has her very own tv show, At Home With Amy Sedaris on TruTV. And our lives are finally complete. Enjoy this clip from the show in which Amy teaches us all about which adhesive goes with what!

Alex Lynn Ward’s Got The Lingo

Ever feel like you’re out of the loop? Like these dang kids are using words that make no sense, words like ‘snazzy’ and ‘cool cats’? Per usual, we got you covered. Very cool hip creative lady Alex Lynn Ward came in to WhoHaha HQ to teach us all her favorite lingo. And this week, we covered the multi-faceted term ‘tight’. Get ready to learn!