Itty Bitty Titty Party

The ultimate betrayal? All your friends buying boobs without you. How do you even come back from that?? This drop-dead funny set from comedian Zainab Johnson (complete with adorable animation) is gonna have us pointing to our tatas for the rest of the day.

TBT: Aidy Bryant Singing With Her Ex-Husbands

If this was a real band we would follow them on tour like Dead Heads. We would for sure sing along with that last song. This live sketch from way back in Second City history is so so so funny, and we wish that we could have a whole album of Baby Aidy singing country songs.

How to Be Modest And Sexy! But Not Too Modest. Or Sexy.

So at this point the line we’re supposed to walk between sexy and demure is friggin microscopic. If you think your body looks good and enjoy showing it off, everyone is gonna tell you to cover up. If you’re religious and/or like to keep your bits stashed away, cops are gonna come up to you on the beach and yell at you to get nekkid. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US SOCIETY???

Mayim Bialik (aka BLOSSOM!!!) made a perfect tutorial on how to keep it sexy and fun at the beach while not shaming the patriarchy with your labes. Thanks Ms. Mayim!

If Your Boobs Were A Movie

Good ol Babs and Lefty (or whatever you call your boobs). They’re there for you when you need them, they let you strap them down when they’re in the way, they make a nice pocket for holding your keys in the club.

But boobs don’t get enough credit day-to-day. Which is why we asked the hilarious Anna Gillcrist to praise her tatas using a movie title. To no one’s surprised, she picked the perfect film.

Saggy Boob Science With Cristen Conger

Is there truly anything better than a funny AND smart person? Nope, we didn’t think so. Lucky for us, Cristen Conger is both, and we love her series “HowStuffWorks.” In this particular episode, Cristen tackles a very #real and #intense topic – the science of the saggy boob. We’re already laughing and cringing and undoing our bra, because duh. LET ‘EM LOOSE, LADIES!