Weekly Roundup of the Funniest Tweets

It’s the freakin weekend, baby we’re about to have us some tweets!



Oh we’re keeping count? No one told us we have to keep count?!?!?


Real talk: there are books that are sexier than 90% of Tinder randos.


Ohhhhh history burn! #longstrongbouttogetthefrictionon




If only all shows were this relatable…


Can’t wait for that track to drop!




Knife Barbie is our role model. Let’s all be more like Knife Barbie.


Damn, this one is maybe too real.


Up in the club, communicating with aliens, killing that mini skirt. 


If it’s always third in your search history does that mean you’re a bad person?




Yeah and we also used to believe in Santa Claus. Children are stupid.


So ready for this election to fully turn into 8th grade.


Also that one column can buy a closet of Manohlo’s, Carrie really ruined adulthood for us.