Nikki Bailey Has A Couple Dudes on Layaway

Please, whatever you do, do not sleep on Nikki Bailey. The hilarious stand-up comic tackles everything in her sets, from poltergeists to racism to dating to religion to regular jobs. She’s got a Masters of Divinity degree and a whole lot of sex advice, and we can’t wait to see Nikki take the comedy world by storm.

Just Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women!

Gosh do we love Jena Friedman. And this stand-up set from Conan is honestly wall-to-wall incredible jokes. Whether she’s covering scary businessmen, groping, how men can cope with all this Time’s Up madness, or of course Nazis, Jena kills it. She may be half man, but she still manages to be allllll fire.

Time To Build Up The Meat Coat!

Ahhhh, autumn. The clocks have fallen back, a chill is in the air, and we’re ready to start working on our sleek coat of blubber that lets us withstand sub zero temperatures. What’s that? That’s seals? Nah, according to our favorite person Beth Stelling, anyone can grow a winter meat coat! This wise advice and way more is available in her new stand-up set from Late Night.

You Know What? Hug Yourself

Parents! They did their best. Taylor Tomlinson’s hilarious set covers all the multitudes of ways our parents fuck us up, as well as how super weird prayer is and what it feels like to skip a period when you’re an abstinent teen. We relate, girl.

Jenny Zigrino Likes Herself, Ok?!?!

You know when you’re just trying to live right and love yourself, and society keeps being like ‘wow, you must really hate your body?’ Yeah, we hate that shit too. In this set, hilarious stand-up comic Jenny Zigrino sets the record straight on self-love, LA-vs-Minnesota, being a plus-sized lady on tv, and of course crop tops.

Marriage Is About Burdening Each Other

Mawwiage! It’s the most powerful expression of the union between two people. Also, it’s very weird and insane and sometimes the other person thinks they can ask you for weird stuff in bed. It’s *sniff* it’s beautiful.