Just Treat Nazis Like You Treat Women!

Gosh do we love Jena Friedman. And this stand-up set from Conan is honestly wall-to-wall incredible jokes. Whether she’s covering scary businessmen, groping, how men can cope with all this Time’s Up madness, or of course Nazis, Jena kills it. She may be half man, but she still manages to be allllll fire.

Emily Galati Will Choose Hell Over Watching “Frozen” Any Day

In our very humble opinion, one of the best parts of Conan is when he invites an up and coming stand-up to do a set. Emily Galati recently appeared and had everyone LOL’ing through her 5 minutes. Her deadpan delivery and comfort in silence is so good, and she hits delightful topics such as birth control, Jesus, and ex-boyfriends stealing the most precious item of all: your internet router.