Teresa Lee Is Our Funny Lady of the Week!

When it comes to talking up Teresa Lee, we’re basically fanatics. She can do literally anything, from writing to directing to acting to stand-up to looking fly af in every single picture. We love her work, and we love her fearless and hilarious comedic voice. She’s a badass for sure, and we’re so excited to have her as our creator of the week. So watch some of her greatest videos, then keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for more Teresa magic.

Bree Essrig Is Our Funny Woman Of The Week

Everybody give it up for Queen Bree. This badass comedian, actor, writer, and professional cool nerd built her own super successful YouTube channel, co-created the sketch group Nuclear Family, and is part of the hilarious SourceFed team. We picked Bree as our funny lady of the week because she’s hilarious, she’s an out ‘n proud feminist, she reps hard for body positivity, and she’s def gonna be in every tv show and movie soon. Our kinda woman!

Watch our Bree-rific (sorry) playlist above, and keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat for more funny Bree gems.

Alex Lynn Ward Is Our Funny Woman Of The Week!

Alex Lynn Ward is our hero. The actor and comedian selflessly provides makeup tips and movie spoilers for broke bitches on her Youtube channel, she answers all our really important questions about firefighter poop and emojis, and she teaches us all how to follow appropriate office etiquette over on the WhoHaha Snapchat. She’s basically like a hot Gandhi.

So this week, we’re all about Alex! We put together some of our favorite ALW videos into a playlist for you to enjoy, plus she’ll be taking over our Instagram and we’re gonna feature some of her greatest tweets. Get stoked people, it’s gonna be a great week.