Loose Paper Ruins Lives

Office life can be complicated. Like when your work wife goes out to lunch with someone else and doesn’t invite you, or you have two meetings at the same time and they’re both super dumb. Or when office supplies run low and it’s every employee for themselves, like in this short from writer/director Carmen Kartini Rohde. Horrors!

Women In Commercials Are Bonkers

3 serious lawyers. The case of a lifetime. International human rights in the balance. The smooth dreaminess of triple churned milk chocolate. Wait hold up what?

The brilliant weirdos behind sketch team Massive Dad have nailed the strangeness of women in commercials. Ads would have you all believe we’re either horny animals rubbing coffee cups against our boobs, or adorable neutered child-women prancing around shitting rainbows and probiotics. Or some even more horrifying combo of the two. Y’all, sometimes a chocolate bar is just a chocolate bar.